Attract Prospects Everywhere You Go!


Not so long ago, this was something unheard of, but now you can send your marketing messages to nearby devices by simply creating a 40 character message along with a call to action and wham-o people will start receiving it on their smartphones everywhere you. It doesn't get any easier than this.

Proximity Marketing Virtual Card App

Let's double your power with a FREE App to combine with your gem. Send your prospects directly to your app loaded with video, images, etc. Use your app as a virtual business card as well to keep track of all your customers.

You can program your gems with any message you prefer in real time and monitor the number of people who view your messages and other analytics

Proximity Marketing Overview

The Overview From The Creator Of the Royaltie Gem


Place in your car, purse or on your keychain

Where ever you go place your gem on your keyring, keep in your car, etc. and collect leads everywhere you go! The more gems you have the more people you can reach

Share your gems with your spouse, family or friends

Why not give your friends, family a gem to keep with them and advertise your business on the go for you. Maybe offer them a referral fee or gift for helping you

Use at Sporting Events, Clubs, Flea Markets

Just think of the number of people you will be able to attract at large events such as sporting events, festivals, concerts , etc. Enjoy yourself and let your beacon do the work

Take your beacon with you to your networking events

What better way to meet people than to show them this new technology and send them directly to your app and list them as a new contact

Send people to your social media sites

Need to build your social media audience on facebook, twitter, instagram or youtube? Why not direct people to your social media site and have them like your page or video

Promote Your Shows,Events, Webinars, etc.

Promote your shows/events everywhere you go. You can link them to your eventbrite or wherever your attendees can sign up or purchase tickets

Plus as an added bonus "Free Internet Marketing Training"

How To Create Eye Capturing Videos & Rank Them on YouTube

Learn how to create compelling videos quickly using FREE software and you  how to RANK your videos on the first page of YouTube

How To Create & Use Facebook Bots

Learn how to create a fb bot that will communicate with interested prospects while you work on other tasks. 

How To Create Professional Landing (Capture Pages) & Funnels

Step-by-Step training will show you how to become a pro creating sales funnels. If you want to be successful on the Internet, creating an audience is key to your success

How To Set-up Instagram & Get Followers

Live demostration will teach you the power of Instagram and how you can build  a huge following

How To Use Fb Live and Create short but powerful videos

Watch our trainer teach you how to produce an effective video and why he's a top producing video creator


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