Advertise on facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc. for pennies!

Use our Virtual Beacon App and Advertise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, CNN, Google platform and more using your smartphone! Send your Marketing Message from 1000 meters and up starting at only  $47.00 Month for 5,00 impressions! The Shy Marketers Tool will send your marketing messages to Android , Iphones, Computers & Tablets.  What's even better is that you can target the exact location you prefer.  


Promote Your Product & Services


Simply create your advertisement and   target the exact location you want. Choose a city, neighborhood, etc. and your ad will sent people in your targeted area.

Use at Sporting Events, Clubs, Flea Markets


Just think of the number of people you will be able to attract at large events such as sporting events, festivals, concerts , etc. Enjoy yourself and let your beacon do the work.

Use Your Virtual (VF) To Promote Networking Events


You can advertise your networking events or an event you are planning on attending to people in the area!  Our technology allows you "pin" a specific location 

Send People To Your Social Media Websites


Need to build your social media audience on facebook, twitter, instagram or youtube? Direct people to your social media site & increase your audience

Promote Your Shows, Events, Webinars, etc.


Promote your shows/events everywhere you go. You can link them to your eventbrite or wherever your attendees can sign up or purchase tickets

Free Upline App To Create Digital Business Cards & More


Wow!  This App comes with your VF gem and includes unlimited digital cards, unlimited contacts, chat feature, analytics and much more!

next level advertising for small business owners

download your "free app" to complement your virtual beacon


Proximity Marketing Virtual Card App

Let's double your power with a FREE Business Card App to combine with your Virtual gem. Use your app as  digital business cards to display your product/services. Create as many as you like. Send to your prospects and/or  customers with your Marketing message, videos, images, etc. Truly a great  CRM (Customer Relation Management) System. 


Offer Your Customers Real Marketing Solutions

This great tool compliments the VF gem and will make you look like the hero/shero with impressive analytics that your customers will rave about! Show them how easy it is to operate a business from the ease of their phones! Easy and effortless to use. 


Offer guest wifi & collect leads

Turn Your Phone Into A Lead Collector


Use the same method that big chains like Starbucks uses to collect leads.

Plug Into Your Phone For Entrepreneurs


Plug Into Your Router For Storefronts


Offer guest wifi & collect leads

Offer these products & start your own business!



The most unique, engaging and informative training webinars on the web take place LIVE every Monday at 5:30 PM PST. These PRIVATE Training episodes are between 2-4 hours of PURE CONTENT with new topics and questions answered weekly! You can login or dial in if you like.

Bonus #1 One-On-One Marketing Training

Sign up with A1 Mobile Marketing and get  one-on-one training to learn how to use this system to generate your own leads. You'll learn how to become the expert in your area. Stop selling and start attracting interested people to your business. We'll show you how and where to find thousands of entrepreneurs, network marketers, business owners that need these services.  

Additional Bonuses From A1 Mobile Marketing

*FREE Promo Video For Your Product Services $50.00 Value

*FREE Vacation Incentive to over 10 destinations $100 & Higher Value

*FREE Capture/Lead Page for your business $50.00 Value

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