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What type of videos do you produce?

 We create two (2) types of video:

  1. Promo videos are pre-designed industry specific videos that are already produced. We simply add your contact information and you're ready to go. 
  2. Personal videos are created based on your specific criteria. You provide the content and we work with you to produce your idea video.

What are the duration of the videos?

Statistics show that videos that are under 2 minutes yield the best results. We offer 30-60 seconds, 61-120 seconds for your video marketing needs. 

We can however, accommodate longer duration videos as well. Give us a call to discuss.

What are the specs of the videos?

Our quality videos are 720p resolution with text timed technology, and 16:9 landscape format .  

Where Can I upload my video?

Anywhere you prefer. We will send you your video via email and you can upload it to your website, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites where videos are allowed.  

How Long Will It Take?

Promo videos are pre-designed and ready 24-72 hours after receiving your information.  

Personal videos are created based on your specific criteria. We will complete your video  5-7 days after receiving all your information. If we are experiencing heavy demand, you will be notified prior to starting on your project

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We Create Videos That Come Alive

At A1 Mobile Marketing, we create videos that make people feel and think. Most companies create boring commercials that turn people off!Our videos are produce to target your audience and move them to take the next necessary step. 

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